In the beginning…

Percyflage is a new forum for sharing ideas and opinions about the boundless mind and spirit: past, present and future.  I will be posting my own raillery and musings, but welcome everyone to weigh in and craft a dialogue.  Thanks for visiting!

2 Responses to “In the beginning…”
  1. Anne Deneen says:

    I’ve just read all through your blog, posts and comments. I’m pretty sure you are well on your way to writing a book and I’m looking forward to the day it is published. Your blog inspired me to try and be more disciplined about the one I’m supposed to be doing. :-). Also just learned of a friend whose blog (she’s a chef and writes about food) has gotten her a job writing a column for one of the gourmet magazines. So here’s to blogging, epsecially on topics involving the “boundless mind and spirit.” your fan, Anne

  2. Kimberlee says:

    Dear Anne,
    Thanks so much for visiting and sharing. I’m truly touched. Moreover, I look forward to reading your immanent blog, gleaning insight and inspiration at every turn. (I know that others I know also have been anxious to read your thoughts—as they’ve mentioned to me.) For those who are curious, you can find Anne’s good works at:
    I don’t know about a book, though you’re the second one to suggest it. Perhaps it’s in the wings and I don’t yet know it.
    With humblest thanks,

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