Ajax’s Tale

Ajax’s Tale

When Ajax in his shining armor, out to battle flew

Friend and enemy alike would rush to read his cue

His height a tower, his might a wonder

They loved him soul and sinew


When fabled Achilles refused to fight

Brave Ajax took his place

Alone, Ajax of Salamis

Rose to meet the day


A man of integrity, virtue and courage

He rushed to save the Greeks

But his valor alone could not surpass

The Trojans’ many ranks


Then, Hector, bold prince, charged the enemy line

And felled Patroclus, loosing the beast

Held deep in Achilles’ mind


Even Ajax could not quell the fury

Let loose that fateful day

Then Achilles’ heel dropped him low

And Paris had his way


Ajax held fast to honor

Bringing his fallen friend home

Yet Odysseus’ pride in his own cunning

Named Achilles’ suit his own


With malice the gods crazed the man

Ajax, who’d been so true

To the Greeks home and abroad

And on Hector’s sword he slew


Such a pity to waste a hero’s life

The gods they surely felt

In remorse they wrote on the hyacinth, ALAS

To cleanse their blood stained selves.




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