I Would Be Remiss…

I Would Be Remiss… I just wanted to formally congratulate Monsieur Colbert on his Emmy win for outstanding writing.   Let us not forget that Colbert’s victory is all the more poignant considering the tricky highwire act that he had to do while the writers’ strike was going on.  (During that woeful time I mused … Continue reading

Impresaria or Imposter? Aren’t we all…

Impresaria or Imposter?  Aren’t we all… Staying on the topic of Sarah Palin—if I can realistically count my glasses post as an article—I’d like to comment on Judith Warner’s latest article on “Poor Sarah” in the NY Times (9/25/08).   In reading her op-ed, Warner made me realize that my already confused stance on Feminism is actually … Continue reading

Through His Glasses, Smartly

  Through His Glasses, Smartly Has anyone else noticed that Stephen Colbert recently exchanged his glasses for a new pair?  A pair eerily similar to those worn by McCain’s running-mate?   I can’t remember.  Did it happen right after the Republican convention?  (Somebody cue up footage before and after to check…) Oh, you naughty, naughty … Continue reading

“Mr. Francoeur was a Good Man”

“Mr. Francoeur was a Good Man” All the despairing talk of the financial markets has brought memories of my grandparents’ stories flooding back.  As a child I spent many hours with my Mèmére and Pèpére, my paternal grandparents, who babysat for my sister and me. My grandparents used to regale us with how difficult life … Continue reading