Through His Glasses, Smartly


Through His Glasses, Smartly

Has anyone else noticed that Stephen Colbert recently exchanged his glasses for a new pair?  A pair eerily similar to those worn by McCain’s running-mate?  

I can’t remember.  Did it happen right after the Republican convention?  (Somebody cue up footage before and after to check…)

Oh, you naughty, naughty Monsieur Colbert….(Chesire grin.)  Now, every time I watch you on your show I have to giggle when I think about that unmistakeable joke that you’ve placed between us—there on the impeccably aquiline bridge of your nose. (Aquila, of course, being Latin for Eagle.)

Really.  How can I take you seriously when you’re dressed as Arctic G.I. Jane?  In drag?!

You’re too much!  And, just because of it, you always make my day. :)

Thanks.  I needed that.

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