Joe the Plumber Springs a Leak

The NY Times has deflated high-profile McCain supporter “Joe the Plumber’s” professional credentials, as well as his much-touted assertion that Barack Obama’s economic plan would unfairly tax his future plumbing business. You can read the news story here. The Times ends by saying that new t-shirts have already been printed that read: “Vote Joe the … Continue reading

“The Prince” and Pandora’s Box

“The Prince” and Pandora’s Box As I watched the second presidential debate, I turned to my husband and said, “This may not sound appropriate in a democratic republic—but when Barack Obama sits on that stool don’t you think he looks like an Eastern Prince?  You know?  The kind shown in Buddhist images of figures in … Continue reading

Kaffeeclatch (Coffee Talk)

Kaffeeclatch (Coffee Talk) Has anyone noticed that televised ads for cheap coffee are multiplying? Recently I’ve seen the resuscitation of Folgers and Maxwell House coffee ads on the networks, as well as pretty-darned-witty McDonald’s ads geared towards discerning coffee drinkers.   In the McDonald’s ads, they spoof coffee house coffee as “elite” by associating its … Continue reading

Carpe Spes

Carpe Spes I wrote the following post back in March for Bread and Circus Magazine.  Since then, some of the main players have changed, and the economic crisis now adds a poignant sense of urgency to its message. Yet—considering the seemingly endless nature of this presidential contest—it’s surprising how valid it still is.   I … Continue reading