Let them know it’s Christmastime

wreathA college friend of mine recently posted a classic—if wonderfully dated—music video on her Facebook page.  I clicked on “Do they know it’s Christmastime” by Band Aid (1984) and was immediately transported back to the heyday of neo-Rococo hair and trans-genderism.  

But, after the fun of that trip down memory-lane, my thoughts turned to the heart of the matter.  Even more so after I clicked on Band Aid 20, the updated anniversary edition of the song.  This is because unlike the first, the second video includes clips of the starving people of Africa, the heartbreaking subject of the song.  Sadly, now twenty-four years on, most are still in the same predicament.

Last year at this time I wrote a “Bread and Circus Magazine” article on giving to charity in order to complete some of our holiday shopping.  I mentioned fabulous charities like “Project Bread” in the Boston area sell ornaments and Christmas cards as a way to fundraise.  I can attest that this type of shopping stretches your dollars beyond belief: it eases the mind and the soul.

This year, I’d like to suggest something even greater.  I suggest that folks consider giving both to those organizations in our vicinity (as the need for food and shelter increase during our domestic financial crisis), but also to consider deeply those who suffer grievously in the Third World.  

As we in the U.S. come to realize how precious our personal resources are in this time of fiscal uncertainty, perhaps we can see through new eyes how much of a difference we’re capable of making among those who live on the extreme edge.  We can help by donating our time, talents or resources.

You can donate to groups like ONE.org, who work in Africa to fight disease and poverty and advocate for justice via debt relief, water and sanitation, education, fair trade and agriculture.

Can one person make a difference?  As the ONE.org site reminds us: “From Dr. King to Nelson Mandela, history shows us that big changes start with small actions.”

You can let others know you care, and create change.

Happy Holidays.

3 Responses to “Let them know it’s Christmastime”
  1. Editors says:

    Well said, Kimberlee! As you know, the many, many non-profit organizations that serve the needy — both in the U.S. and globally — are facing a tough situation due to the worldwide financial crisis. They’re bracing themselves for a difficult fund-raising environment ahead. Yet, as you aptly point out, in many cases the need has not only failed to diminish over the past twenty years, in many cases it actually has become much worse.

    And as you say, every person counts and every person can make a difference. Positive change does begin with each of us as individuals. Thanks for reminding us of that most important truth and for challenging us to do something about it.


  2. Kimberlee says:

    You’re more than welcome, GA. Just doing my part.
    Shalom, K

  3. Mary Beth says:

    Thanks for pointing this out.
    Last night, on our local NPR station, the Commonwealth Organization’s broadcast speaker was Bob Edgar, president of Common Cause. One of its initiatives is partnering with campus organizations to encourage politically active students to remain active when they graduate. One of it’s partnership organizations is with Mobilize.org. It’s not enough to get Obama elected; we must keep him and our congress reps accountable for transparency.
    I’m thinking of joining Common Cause and investing in Kiva.org.

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