Let them know it’s Christmastime

A college friend of mine recently posted a classic—if wonderfully dated—music video on her Facebook page.  I clicked on “Do they know it’s Christmastime” by Band Aid (1984) and was immediately transported back to the heyday of neo-Rococo hair and trans-genderism.   But, after the fun of that trip down memory-lane, my thoughts turned to … Continue reading

Devotio Moderna

Devotio Moderna: Ted Neeley’s Passion Play

What is a Passion play? What effect is it meant to have on the viewer? What, if any, effect might it have on the actor who plays Christ? These are the questions that I would like to answer, turning attention towards how the answers to those questions have changed over time—in history and our own modern time.

Finding Ted Neeley

About a month ago I watched Norman Jewison’s 1973 film “Jesus Christ Superstar” for the first time.  The film and musical score date from my childhood, and I was therefore amazed that it has held onto its “freshness” in terms of its music and impact.   To begin with, it seems Rice and Webber’s rock … Continue reading