Joe the Plumber Springs a Leak

The NY Times has deflated high-profile McCain supporter “Joe the Plumber’s” professional credentials, as well as his much-touted assertion that Barack Obama’s economic plan would unfairly tax his future plumbing business. You can read the news story here. The Times ends by saying that new t-shirts have already been printed that read: “Vote Joe the … Continue reading

“The Prince” and Pandora’s Box

“The Prince” and Pandora’s Box As I watched the second presidential debate, I turned to my husband and said, “This may not sound appropriate in a democratic republic—but when Barack Obama sits on that stool don’t you think he looks like an Eastern Prince?  You know?  The kind shown in Buddhist images of figures in … Continue reading

Carpe Spes

Carpe Spes I wrote the following post back in March for Bread and Circus Magazine.  Since then, some of the main players have changed, and the economic crisis now adds a poignant sense of urgency to its message. Yet—considering the seemingly endless nature of this presidential contest—it’s surprising how valid it still is.   I … Continue reading