“Palin-etics”: The Hobby of Palin-watching

Wow.  I can’t believe it’s almost been a year since I wrote an article on Sarah Palin- (September’s Impresaria or Imposter?) and, now surprisingly she’s back in the news cycle with a vengeance  with her same “caribou in the headlights” antics.   When Palin resigned from gubernatorial office on the holiday weekend, pundits and common folk alike pondered what … Continue reading

Carpe Spes

Carpe Spes I wrote the following post back in March for Bread and Circus Magazine.  Since then, some of the main players have changed, and the economic crisis now adds a poignant sense of urgency to its message. Yet—considering the seemingly endless nature of this presidential contest—it’s surprising how valid it still is.   I … Continue reading